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Application of industrial brushes

Issuing time:2020-10-19 09:28

With the increasing development of science and technology, domestic mechanical automation is also developing rapidly, from the general automatic assembly line to artificial intelligence, these fields have the application of brushes. The following lists a few common automatic brush application areas, for everyone in the brush selection of reference.

One: Automated logistics transmission line. This field is very common, brush application is also more, the workpiece in the process of conveying line, prevent the workpiece to turn over, generally with strip brush as both sides or edge baffle, in order to support the workpiece. Artifacts in the process of conveying, flip or steering, generally installed brush roller in the strike, brush roller brush MAO MAO's customize this feature can be long or short, good has solved some problems of workpiece in the process of conveying Angle Angle, and through the tension of hair brush auxiliary bring a certain degree of deviation Angle to the workpiece, the workpiece to the specified location.

Two: Automatic packaging machinery. The range of brush use in this area is also extremely common. After the workpiece is transported to the specified position, it should be backpacked. When sealing the workpiece, a strip brush is used to brush the sealing to make the outer packing of the workpiece more smooth and beautiful.

Third: Intelligent assembly line. This field in recent years more and more use of brush, the so-called intelligent is installed in the whole assembly line area some intelligent industrial control components, some of the artifacts to area, through the brush back way again points area of different specification, brush bristles length can be as a standard intelligence test artifacts, brush is for artifacts found their reasonable position as an important tool to distinguish. Have a lot of according to the length of bristle brush bristle will differentiate, have a lot of according to bristle brush different color will differentiate.

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